Friday, August 17, 2012

Password protect chrome browser using Simple Startup Password

 Hi TTH readers, today I am going to tell you the simple trick which will allow you to apply startup password in chrome. Some people like me keeps logged in their system and many bookmarks are also saved in the browser. After installing this addon, they can apply password so that their personal stuffs remain personal. I will use Simple Startup Password extension for this purpose.
Simple Startup Password is an addon for Google Chrome browser that
blocks unauthorized people from using your browser.  Just go to the extensions gallery of Google Chrome and install the Simple Startup Password add-on for your browser.

You can get this add on from Google Chrome’s extensions gallery.

Click here to get this extension.

After installing the add-on,
1. Go to Setting -> Tools -> Extensions.
2. Look for Simple startup password, click on options.
3. Set up password for your browser.
4. You're done!

Now, if you open chrome browser then it will ask for the password. If you enter the wrong password then it will be closed.

Although there are few drawbacks in this tool, but then also its the best one, I'm using it.
Enjoy hacking.

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