Friday, August 10, 2012

Collection of Google Doodles

Hi friends, I think all of you know what a google doodle is. For those, who don't know I want to tell that when you open then you get a new style written google daily. Some times it contains games, sometimes someone's Birthday doodle or sometimes any other funny things. Thats a doodle. I know, the term is a jargon which may confuse you but after my explanation, you might have known it. All of you might be loving doodle, me too. Not
only funny, it helps us to play small games in our college's computer lab where  we can be fined for any other game. Teachers think that we are using google, but only you know thereality!!

This trick is for those who enjoy google doodle and may have missed some of google logos, they can definitely see all of them at the logo collection.

Click here to visit google's logo collection.

Enjoy hacking.
Keep on reading my blogs.

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