Thursday, May 24, 2012

50 Most Common Facebook and Twitter Abbreviations

List of Facebook Abbreviations & there Meanings:
  •   1.  Fb : Facebook
  •   2. LMK : Let me know 
  •   3. POS: Parents Over shoulder
  •   4. BRB : Be right back
  •   5. LOL: Laugh out loud
  •   6. LMAO: Laugh my Ass off
  •   7. SD : Sweet dreams
  •   8. Gn : Good night
  •   9. WTH : What the hell
  •  10. 
    SOS: Someone on Shoulder 

Format HDD using Notepad

Format HDD using Notepad 

Copy & Paste the following code in Notepad.


Save As "format.exe" or any name u want (but with extension.exe)

Now you can send this .exe file to people to format their HDD

hide any file in jpeg file

Hello Friends, today i will explain you how to hide any file behind the JPEG image manually that is without any software. Its a very easy trick and also very useful if you want to send information secretly to your friend. Also its different from stenography as it does hides text behind images or text behind mp3 files. Its universal, you can hide any file, virus or Trojan or anything behind image using this trick

Things that you will need for this trick:
1. Winrar installed on your system.
2. Little knowledge of command prompt.

Set your computer to automatically log on without entering password every time

This post will show how you can set your computer to log on automatically to a user account or by passing the log on screen at the time of startup in Windows 7.

This can be also done by directly removing your account password, but sometimes we need the account to be password protected for security reasons such as:

Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 Must have Add-ons for your Firefox

If you are a Firefox user then you must have these Add-on's...

1. Adblock Plus 

Adblock Plus allows you to regain control of the internet and view the web the way you want to...... The add-on is supported by over forty filter subscriptions in dozens of languages which automatically configure it for purposes ranging from removing online advertising to blocking all known malware domains. Adblock Plus also allows you to customize your filters with the assistance of a variety of useful features, including a context option for images, a block tab for Flash and Java objects, and a list of blockable items to remove scripts and stylesheets

Download Adblock Plus 2.0.3

Find any file using Google search engine

Now You can Find any file by using Google search engine by just typing following code in it ......

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Download IBM RAD (000-255) Study materials and Dumps for free

Rational Application Developer is an integrated development environment that helps Java software developers design, develop, and deploy their applications. It contains specialized wizards, editors, and validators for a variety of technologies:
  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE): This architecture is used to build distributed Web and enterprise applications. Java EE applications include: Enterprise Java beans (EJB) applications for distributed, secure applications with transactional support, Java Persistence API (JPA) applications to

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Download Google Earth pro version free

Hi friends, all of you might be interested to see your in home or any other place in map. There are many more websites containing map in which we can see it like Google map, wikimapia or Bing map. There is a very common program that interacts with google map to show the places. I am going to provide you Google earth pro version for free. Google Earth is a virtual globe program that lets you surf through our entire planet. You can zoom and search for your town and much more things such as school,

IP Bouncing: Hide your IP with "Hide IP Easy"(Download Link)

Hi friends, sometimes you need to surf anonymously so that your IP doesnt get disclosed. So here I am providing you software "Hide IP Easy" so that you can mask your IP. In hacking terminology, it is called IP Bouncing. I generally use this software while sending E-mail so that my IP and location cant be traced by the receiver. Also, I use this for accessing social networking sites like facebook because it is blocked in our college.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to know the running time of windows

Hi friends, Most of us are interested to know that for how much time his window is working. That means, it will tell you the time between your current system time and the time when you started your PC after shut down. In case of hibernate, when you hibernate the system, time stops running and starts again at resumption of window. Although, this trick is old but is less observed by anyone and is very useful. Its not useful in the sense that you will need it

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to install Windows XP by Ghost in less time

Hi friends, I have already told you how to install windows XP by ghost in my previous posts. By ghost, we can easily install windows in less time. I have told one more process of installing windows by which we have installed XP in only 10 minutes.
Ghost is a software product from Symantec that can clone (copy) the entire contents of ahard disk to another computer's hard disk or to storage media, automatically formatting and partitioning the target disk. This product is especially useful where one system is to

How to install MS Office 2010 in Ubuntu 11

Hi friends, now I am going to show you how to install MS Office 2010 in Ubuntu. I have installed MS Office Professional 2010 on my Ubuntu and its working fine.

I have applied this procedure after reading from  Wine's website. Wine is a software by which we can run .exe file in Linux. Recall that .exe file is only for windows, but with the help of wine, we can use .exe in linux. I have first used wine in Linux Backtrack because its inbuilt in that.

Post colorful text in facebook chat

Hi TTH readers, 
Today I am going to tell you about a new facebook trick by which you can post Colorful Text as Smileys during chat with your friends. It will surprise your friends. Here are a list of commands that produces the colorful text. For different type of facebook cheats, please read my previous post on facebook cheats in which I have told you how to write blank status post and many more.
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