Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to install Windows XP by Ghost in less time

Hi friends, I have already told you how to install windows XP by ghost in my previous posts. By ghost, we can easily install windows in less time. I have told one more process of installing windows by which we have installed XP in only 10 minutes.
Ghost is a software product from Symantec that can clone (copy) the entire contents of ahard disk to another computer's hard disk or to storage media, automatically formatting and partitioning the target disk. This product is especially useful where one system is to
be replicated on a number of computers or when someone wants to back up everything on their personal computer.
The word "ghost" derives from Old English gast and means a disembodied spirit or soul.

Ghost imaging is the copying of the contents of a computer's hard disk into a single compressed file or set of files (referred to as an image) so that the contents of the hard disk, including configuration information and applications, can be copied to the hard disk of other computers or onto an optical disc for temporary storage.
An example of ghost imaging software is Norton Ghost, a product from Symantec. Using this product, you can clone (copy) the entire contents of a hard disk to a portable medium such as a writeable CD or to a server. The portable image can then be used to set up each hard disk in other computers, automatically formatting and partitioning each target disk. Ghost imaging is useful where one system is to be replicated on a number of computers in a classroom or for a team of notebook computer users who all need the same system and applications. On personal computers, ghost imaging is used to back up everything on the hard disk, often while reinstalling an operating system.
Here is the overall process.

1 - User Data Back-up
This installation will format the hard disk of the PC, therefore all of the user's data must be backed up before you begin.
2 - Windows XP Ghost Image Installation
If you have a pre-imaged computer you can jump to that folder
You will need to create a copy of the "Bart PE" CD. An ISO image of this CD can be found in:
  1. (Re)boot the computer and set the BIOS to boot from CDROM.

  1. Insert the "Bart PE disk" into the CD Drive. Save the BIOS settings and allow the computer to boot from the CD-ROM. 
  1. When the Ghost menu appears, go to Local, then Diskand then From Image.

       4. Select the appropriate image. All new computers are now APIC. Therefore when you image a new        computer select the APIC image. For older computers, if you are not sure whether the computer is PIC or   APIC, please refer to the table.

        The list of images available will be displayed:

Windows XP Professional (APIC).
Windows XP Professional (PIC).
Windows XP Tablet Edition (APIC).
Windows XP Tablet Edition (PIC).
Custom Image
Images in laptops folder for newer individual laptop models.
  1. All supported desktops should now be compatible with the APIC image. Please refer to the table to identify which image is compatible with which laptop models.
  2. Ghost will begin to download the image to the local hard disk.
  1. When the image has been downloaded, you will be told if it has completed successfully. Remove the "BART PE" CD from the drive. Power cycle the computer (i.e. Turn it off, wait a few seconds and turn it back on again).
After finishing window will start……………..

8. You are done, you have successfully installed windows XP by norton ghost.

Enjoy hacking.
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