Friday, August 17, 2012

Password protect chrome browser using Simple Startup Password

 Hi TTH readers, today I am going to tell you the simple trick which will allow you to apply startup password in chrome. Some people like me keeps logged in their system and many bookmarks are also saved in the browser. After installing this addon, they can apply password so that their personal stuffs remain personal. I will use Simple Startup Password extension for this purpose.

How to use facebook in schools and colleges if blocked by System administrator

Hi friends, I think you are enjoying my tricks. Many of my friends from different colleges has asked me the process to open facebook in college labs as it is blocked there. Its true in my case also. Our college has blocked all the social networking sites. So whenever I open any social networking site then we get a message "ACCESS DENIED". It frustrates a lot. But don't worry, today I am going to tell you a simple process by which you can access fb anywhere. This trick

Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to undo sent e-mail messages in gmail

Hi friends, today I am going to tell you how to undo sent email in gmail. It seems very absurd but its true. Sometimes we may click on send button in the middle of composing email or sometimes we forget to attach any file. Don't worry, we have a solution. You can recall those emails.

If you make a typo or regret sending a

Friday, August 10, 2012

Collection of Google Doodles

Hi friends, I think all of you know what a google doodle is. For those, who don't know I want to tell that when you open then you get a new style written google daily. Some times it contains games, sometimes someone's Birthday doodle or sometimes any other funny things. Thats a doodle. I know, the term is a jargon which may confuse you but after my explanation, you might have known it. All of you might be loving doodle, me too. Not

Magic in Microsoft word

Hi friends, I hope you are enjoying my tips and tricks. Today I am going to tell you a trick to be used in microsoft word. It is just like a magic. 

Nokia mobiles' secret codes

Hi friends, All of you know many secret codes of nokia phone. In the previous post, i have told you how to check quality of nokia phone. Today, I will tell you some more codes that are not known to users. It will work on almost all nokia mobile set. You can display the hidden information of mobile phone and troubleshoot the routine problem using this code.

Disable right click context menu in windows explorer

Hi friends, today I will tell you how to disable and enable right click contest menu in windows explore. Context menu is the menu that appears when you right click anywhere. Here is the simplest trick to disable that, without using any software. This trick is not much useful for the users because they don't need to disable right click, Do you? But then also, I am providing for the basic knowledge purpose. I am doing this by editing the registry.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Download TGMC 2012 Scenarios

What is TGMC (The Great Mind Challenge)?
TGMC promotes students from engineering colleges from across India in their endeavor to develop solutions for real-time problems and scenarios using IBM open source software. It is aimed to encourage students who aspire to make key contributions to develop applications on cutting-edge IBM technologies while providing them with an opportunity to improve their software-writing skills.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to create a SECRET folder (not hidden) without any software

Hi TTH readers, today I am going to show you how to make a SECRET folder. Please notice the word SECRET, its not hidden folder. In my previous post, I have told you how to make a super hidden folder and how to lock folder without any software. Almost everyone know how to make a hidden folder and also how to show them in windows. But if folder will look like any innocent icon like "My computer" then anyone will be easily fooled that its an icon of My computer. If anyone will click this icon then he will not be able to see your secret material, he will be able to open My Computer from this icon.

Run multiple commands in command prompt simultaneously

Hi friends, I bet all of you have worked with command prompt. It may happen that as a beginner you might not know much commands. One thing you might have noticed that in a single command prompt, i mean single instance of a command prompt, you can run only one command. What I basically mean to say that, till now you were entering one command and used to press enter for letting the command to execute succssfully and the result of the command fired is shown in the screen of comand prompt.

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