Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Get paid for reading emails

Hi ,
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hack facebook account easily

In this tutorial no skill is required, we'll just use the password recovery process with 3 fake profiles.

(The fake profiles should be at least three weeks old)

For this you need to make 3 fake profiles on Facebook, and the victim that you want to hack should be added to the friend's list mutual friends would be nice. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to restrict access to files/folders using cmd

Hello friends! You might have many software on the internet which is used to lock the files and folders. Also you might have seen batch programs that also does the same job. Today I am going to tell you a basic cmd command that can be used to restrict access to files and folders. You must have administrative access for doing this.

Facebook cheats

Hi friends, sometimes you might get surprised when you see blank status or blank comment or any other such things on facebook wall of your friends. Dont worry, I am going to give some best tricks. If you know other tricks then you can mention it in comment or you may write us through email. We will publish your post as guest post.

Check whether your computer is male or female

Hi friends, have you ever checked whether your computer is male or female?? I am going to tell you to make a small script that will tell you to analyze gender of your computer.

Follow these steps:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to uninstall a program using registry editor

Hi friends, use this trick to uninstall a program using registory editor. Although no one use this procedure, everyone uninstalls from control panel, then also I am sharing it with you just for knowledge.

Just follow the procedure...

Open websites using command prompt

Have you ever tried to open websites through command prompt in Windows......Yes it is possible to open a website through command prompt. There are many ways which i will discuss today....

Procedure 1 :

Internet Download Manager (IDM) Crack: All versions

Hi firends, Internet Download Manager is one of the fastest download manager which comes with 30 days trial version.
If you are done with 30 days then dont worry, try the crack.

How to: Run and Compile C Programming in Ubuntu

Today I am going to show How to  Run and Compile C Programming in Ubuntu.

Just a few step and you will able to run this C in ubuntu...
so here we go ...

Make pen drive bootable (Install Operting System from pen drive)

Hi friends, many of us wants to install operating system from pen drive. It saves cost of writing image file to CD/DVD. For me a bootable USB pen drive has many advantages over other boot drives such as speed, a pen drive is much faster to boot than CD/DVD.  Is easier to modify the files on the drive and much more.  There are many ways to create a

Increase Virtual RAM - To Make Your System Faster

Hi friends, no need to worry if your PC has low RAM. Today I am going to tell you a trick that will increase your RAM virtually which will boost up your system.

Follow the steps given below :- 

Delete My Document folder of your enemy

Hello friends, today I will show you a simple prank that will delete My Document folder from your friends computer. This is quite simple. You have to make a batch file that will contain code for deleting the folder. Give it to any of your friend. For mass affect, you may upload it on Social media like facebook. Give it a good name so that anyone can be eager to open the file.

Make a trojan virus

Hi frirnds, Once again I am going to tell you how to make a virus using notepad. This is actually not a virus but a trick to fool your friend. They will understand that this is a virus.

Follow the instructions.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Make GIF animation in adobe photoshop

Hi friends, today I am going to tell you how to make animated image (gif) in photoshop. Although, there are a lot of software available to do this, but photoshop is interesting one. Before using this trick, your system must have Adobe photoshop and adone imageready installed.

Make Birthday animation using command prompt

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you a simple program that will make Birthday animation. I have gifted this animation to one of my friend, she became very happy as it was a technical gift. This trick does not require any technical skill in you.

Toggle caps lock automatically

Hello Friends, I think all of you have seen disco light effect in which light is turning on/off continuously. Today I am going to tell a small VB script, which will toggle caps lock key infinitely at interval of 0.1 sec. You can perform the same with other keys like Num lock and Scroll lock.

Make a "Text to speech converter"

Hello friends, today I am going to make a computer program for you through notepad which will speak for you, whatever you type in it. In short, its a text to speech converter made by you through notepad and without knowing any programming skill.
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