Sunday, April 29, 2012

Virus that shut down your friends PC

Hi friends, In my previous post, I have told you how to make shortcut to shut down windows. This virus takes the advantage of the same trick. You can send this virus to your friends in email attachment. As soon as he double click on this shortcut, his computer or laptop will shut down. Isn't it interesting??

As its not a real virus, so antivirus will not block it while attaching. But remember, you wont be able to directly attach this file. For that, first of all put this shortcut in a folder and then compress the folder using winrRAR. Now send this compresser folder.

Here is the overall process. Follow it:

How to easily shutdown Windows 8 or 7

Hi TTH readers. Window 8 has slightly lengthy procedure to shutdown it. So, I am going to tell you the shortest process for it.

Follow these simple procedure:

Method 1

1. Right click on Desktop.
2. Go to new and select shortcut.
3. In the location box, type:

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 05 -c "Shutting down...."

Friday, April 20, 2012

Different editions of windows 8

Today I would like to share information with you on the editions that will be available for "Windows 8" when it is released to market. We have talked about Windows 8 as Windows reimagined, from the chipset to the user experience. This also applies to the editions available – we have worked to make it easier for customers to know what edition will work best for them when they purchase a new Windows 8 PC or upgrade their existing PC.
Windows 8 has the flexibility you need - whether you’re on an x86/64 or a WOA PC. You can use a touch screen or a keyboard and mouse – and switch anytime. It’s beautiful, fast, and fluid design is perfect for a wide range of hardware. And you’ll love browsing through the Windows Store and downloading all the apps you want. And those apps can work together too so you can share photos,

Download Window XP 64 bit in less than 10 MB

Hi friends! First of all I would like to ask you a question. Tell me whats the size of windows XP 64bit boot DVD???
Sorry!! I am unable to hear you.
YES!! Its approx 3.5GB(Some are in 3.4GB and many are in 3.67GB). But Today I am giving you windows in 10MB. Dont worry, its of 3.4GB and compressed to 9.6MB and having all the features as in of 3.5GB.

Facebook cheat: How to write Flipped/ Upside down text

Hello friends, today I am going to give you link of a page which will give you the text in inverted form as you type. People always thinks to write something new in facebook status. In my previous trick, I have told many facebook cheats. Once again I am going to show a new cheat. It can surprise you friends. Visit this page.

You can write even reversed text. Go to this site or fliptext.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Virus that makes folder inside a folder infinitely

Hi TTH readers, today I am going to make a virus in notepad that that makes infinite number of folders inside a folder till your hard disk drive gets full.

You can use this trick to fool you friend.

Follow these steps:
1. Open Notepad and copy paste the following code in it.

Virus that floods desktop with folders

Hi TTH readers, today I am going to make a virus in notepad that floods your PC desktop with unlimited number of folders.

You can use this trick to fool you friend.

Follow these steps:

1. Open Notepad and copy paste the following code in it.

Download youtube video in mp3 format

Hi TTH readers, today I am going to tell you how to download youtube videos in mp3 format even if your college has blocked youtube. No doubt you can do it with any other software but I am going to tell you to do it online.

Follow these simple steps:
1. Search for any video in google. There is no need to search if you already have the link.
2.Copy link address.
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