Friday, March 2, 2012

Call your friend with his own number: Call Spoofing

Call spoofing is the process of making FAKE CALLS. You can call your friend with his own number. Also, you can call him from any others number using only your phone and Internet.

On Internet you will get various Free and Paid Call Spoofing Services, One of them we have tested and going to Demonstrate here. A website called "" is giving to service to do Free Spoofed Calls in any Country Free of Cost and Yes it is as much easy as to prepare sandwich.

Steps to Do Spoofed Call :
1.) Open and Select Country where you want to call.

2.) Enter Number A = The Fake number you want to Display to Victim
3.) Enter Number B = Victim's Number
4.) Now Click "Get me a Code" . Done !
5.) On right side of page you will get A mobile number + Five Digit Unique Code.

6.) Now do a call from another number (say Number C) on Given number in Step 5.
7.) It will ask you to Enter the Code, that you get in Step 5.
8.) Done ! The Victim with Number B will Get a Call from Fake number A, Even you are using Number C for calling.

Remember, This is an ISD call and ISD call charges will be applied. Don't blame us.
Enjoy Hacking. Don't misuse it.
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