Monday, December 3, 2012

How to combine multiple email address into one gmail account

Hello friends, When you are using more than one email say one for business, other for friends and so on then its very tedious task to switch between them. You have to login to your that account from whick you want to send email. But dont worry, I am going to tell you the process by which you will be able to combine many email addresses to one address and
you can send from any of the combined address. You may use any email like yahoo or gmail or evwn any other domain to do the same, but I am here using gmail account. If you want to know about any other, then do mention in comments or request us, I will certainly tell you. This will reduce the burden of switching between different email addresses.

Lets start with the gmail account.

1. Login to your gmail account.
2. Go to setting by clicking on gear icon in right side.
3. Under "Accounts and Imports", Click "Add another email address you own".

4. Write you email address in the given box and click on "Next Step".

5. Again click on "Next Step" leaving to its default settings.
6. Click on "Send verification".
7. An email will be sent to your entered email. You may verify by either clicking on verification link or write the verification code in the window where it is asked.
8. You are done finishing setup.
9. Now go to compose message, here you mill see the drop down list in "From" field. You may send from any email and the email will be sent from that email.
Hence you have sent email, without opening that email.

Similar steps are followed in yahoo and other email service provider. Just try. If you still have any problem then feel free to ask me.

Enjoy hacking.

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