Monday, December 3, 2012

How to add 2-step verification in Gmail

Hello friends, you might be knowing about 2-step verification process of gmail. It means when you enter correct password in the password field then instead of directly opening your gmail account, a verification code will be sent to your mobile and after entering this verification code, you will be logged in into your gmail. This enhances security in
the gmail account. Suppose you have given your password to any of your friends or he/she might have stolen your password, the also he wont be able to log in into your gmail account.
Although this is very old trick, but then also I am providing due to demand of many girls because generally girls are not aware of such things and finally tell "OMG! Someone has hacked my gmail account.". Not only gmail provide the 2-step verification facility but yahoo and even facebook too.

You may also want to know how to apply 2-step verification in facebook and yahoo.

Here, I am sharing each and every step very clearly with screen-shots, specially for girls.

Step 1: Login to your gmail account with your email and password, by opening
Step 2: Go to setting by clicking on gear icon.

Step 3: Click on 'Accounts and Imports' and then on "Other google account setting".

Step 4: Click on "Security" tab on left side. Check to see that 2-step verification status is showing OFF. 
Step 5: Click on "Edit" that is in front of 2-step verification status. After clicking, it will ask you to re-enter password, enter you password.

Step 6: Click on "Start Setup".

Step 7: Select your country and enter mobile number to which you want verification code. You may opt for Text message (SMS) or voice call. Suppose click on Text message.
Click on "Send code".

Step 8: Enter the code sent to your mobile phone in the given area. Click on "Verify".
Step 9: In the next step, you may uncheck "Trust this computer".
Trusting means when you login next time to this computer then it wont ask you for verification. If its not your PC then uncheck it and go to next step.

Step 10: Click on "confirm".

You are done finishing 2-step verification. Now you may check logging from any other browser or PC.

Enjoy hacking.

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