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Friday, December 7, 2012

Access facebook via text messages: No Internet connection required

Hello friends! Today I am goig to tell you a trick by which you can access facebook in any simpler mobile handset even in nokia 1200. For this, you should have only working SMS plan, and no Internet connection is needed. You will be able to update your status, comment on status, receive notifications and send messages. This trick works in all
countries but I will show you the screen shots by taking example of India. Although this is very old trick, but not much popular.

Follow these steps:
1. Login to your facebook account by using your username and password.
2. Go to "account setting".

3. Go to "Mobile" tab.
4. Click "Add a phone".
5. Select your country and operator.

6. Click "Next'.
7. Re-enter password.
8. Follow the instructions to verify your mobile.
    (Note: In India, Instead of sending letter "F" or "Fb" to 51555, you may send it to 92FACEBOOK i.e.          9232232665. It will save your message sending charge and STD message rate will be applied).

9. After verifying your phone, go to "Notification" tab. Check to see whether "Text Notification" are ON or not. If not, then ON it.

10. Click on "Save changes".
11. You are done with finishing the setup. Send SMS to 92facebook to update your status.
Subscribe to friends for receiving their notifications. 
Reply on the message received to message back or comment on the status.
Reply with "like" to like anyone's status.

Note: For doing all above things, you have to subscribe to your friends for notification. It can be added on "Notification" tab in the previous step.
If you still have any problem then you may ask in comments.

Enjoy hacking.

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