Wednesday, September 12, 2012

IBM Tivoli storage manager(ITSM or 000-579) certification materials

Hi friends, I am uploading the study materials for IBM TSM (tivoli storage manager) for the students who are undergoing or have planned to undergo certification of TSM (000-579). Please go through all the slides provided here and practice thoroughly in order to clear the certification.
What is TSM?
IBM Tivoli storage manager software provides a wide range of storage management capabilities from a single point of control, helping companies ride the information tidal wave.
1. Help simplify the protection and management of your data, even as it  continues to grow exponentially
2. Address business continuity by helping to shorten backup and recovery  times and helping to maximize application availability with advanced data recovery management technologies
3. Employ data de-duplication and a hierarchy of storage to help increase efficiencies and conserve resources
4. Help enhance data security with innovative access and encryption features
5. Help adapt to changes within the IT infrastructure to minimize service disruptions and speed restorations and backups
6. Help control storage management costs with ease-of-use features and integration with IBM network attached storage (NAS) products
7. Increase visibility into the data protection environment by providing advanced features for operational monitoring and historical reporting

Certification code is 000-579. The study materials of this certification are uploaded here but its password protected because they are "not for distribution" for public. For password, please give me your valid e-mail ID, name and full college name in comment. I'll give you password after some verification.

Do mention your results in comments after certification.
Red book of TSM is not necessary for certification.

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