Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free mobile recharges by sharing ads, Way2Sms.com

Free mobile recharge
Hi friends, In the last posts I have told you about ultoo and amulyam to get free mobile recharge. Now I am telling you about the most popular site way2sms.com that pays for sharing ads daily. Although this is very oldtrick but very useful. This trick works only in India. Initially when this scheme was launched in way2sms then it was paying Rs1 to Rs1.5 per unique click,
but now its much less i.e. Rs 0.35 to Rs 0.85 per unique click depending on the ad.

It sounds very less when read first time but look at the calculations:
If you send 50 emails per day (all emails are sent in one go within 30 sec) and if 30 of your friends has clicked on the ad you shared to them and average money paid is Rs 0.35 per click then you will earn,
Rs 0.35 * 30 = Rs 10.5 per day.

Moreover, you can share ads on any social media like facebook or twitter and you may convince your friends to click on the ad shared then you can earn much more money. You will be additionally paid for sharing ads on facebook or any other social media. 

Not only this, you can refer to your friends also. You will get Rs 1 for each referral.

NOTE: If you register from this link then you will get Rs 2 as sign up bonus else you wont get.

Free mobile recharge

So don't wait, sign up now and start reducing your mobile bills. Forget the tension of recharging mobile from your wallet.

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