Monday, March 26, 2012

Send self-destructible mail that can be read only once

Hey! You might have seen movie mission impossiible in which mail is auto destroyed after it is read. You might have thought that its wrong.
No, Its true. You can also send such mails. You can send mails that can be read only once. After that it automatically gets destroyed. This trick can be used to send some personal data to any friend or relative.

Note: We are not advising that you send private information via email or necessarily endorsing this service as a safe way to transfer any information. It’s a novelty and a fun geeky trick.
Creating The Self-Destructing Link
To get started open this website and click on the Create One Now button.
This will take you to a text box where you can enter the information you want to e-mail to someone.
You can go ahead and click on the Create Link button when you ready. Don’t worry your information is safe and is sent over an SSL Encrypted line from your web browser to their servers.
This will give you a link that you can either manually copy to the clipboard, or you can click the link which will automatically copy it to the clipboard.

Now you can draft your email as you normally would. You should add the link you were given in the last step somewhere in the email. It is up to you as to whether you would like the recipient to know that the link self-destructs or not.
You can send this link directly or indirectly via compose message to your friend.
However, if they refresh the page or try click on the link again they are not able to see the information.

The data is also stored in an encrypted form on their servers, and when someone views the unique URL that you send them; your encrypted message is deleted from their system.

Enjoy hacking and dont forget to say thanks.....

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