Saturday, March 10, 2012

Make a super hidden folder in windows

Today I will show you how to make a super hidden folder that cant be seen by anyone except one who have made.
 Normally, when you make any folder hidden by right clicking on it and setting its property to hidden, the it can be shown by clicking "show hidden files and folders" in the folder options. But, in my trick, after enabling "show hidden files and folders" also, you will not be able to see the folder.

Here is the simple trick:
1. First of create any folder in any drive. You may hide any previously created folder also.
    Let us suppose, I have created a folder named "kamal" in drive D:.
2. Open command prompt.
3. Browse to location where you have created folder. Here its D:.
4. Write: attrib +s +h kamal
5. Hit enter.

6. Now, you are done. This folder is super hidden now.

Remember, although its super hidden and cant be shown by "show files and folders" but it can still be accessed through command prompt.
"Dir" command also doesn't list the name of this folder. So the person who has made this folder, only known its location. Thus only he can access it.

NOTE: To un-hide or show that folder, go to location of folder and
Type: attrib -s -h kamal

Enjoy hacking.
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