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Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to send group messages in ultoo to earn more money

Hi friends! As all of you know that ultoo is the only site in India till date which pays you for sending SMS. I have already told you about the earning structure in previous post regarding ultoo. If you haven't registered for ultoo, then dont wait for any one, SIGN UP here and start earning money for free recharge your mobile.
Today I am going to tell you how to send group messages in ultoo beacause its very
time consuming to send messages one by one paricularly when you want to earn money. So here is the way. By using this trick, you will be able to send maximum of 50 messages in one go. Remember maximum 50 message is given by ultoo site, so you cant send more than that.


  1. Download Ultoo SMS client.
  2. Extract files to any folder.
  3. Run "Ultoo SMS client 4.2.exe".
  4. Login using your phone number and password.
  5. You may add contact and make groups here, after logging in.
  6. After entering many numbers, write your message and send.
  7. Check your ultoo wallet. Your account will be credit with Re1.

Enjoy hacking
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