Monday, November 12, 2012

Get free mobile recharge by creating and playing contest and Polling

Hi friends! All the tricks that I am posting related to free mobile recharge are only for Indian mobile numbers. Last time when telling you about the amulyam, I have told you that previously it was not paying for referring friends. Now it pays Re1 for referring a friend. Re1 will be credited to your account after your friend verifies his phone number.

Moreover, you can earn by playing and creating contests, playing contests and polling  in amulyam. Previously, amulyam used to give Rs10 to 15 customers daily on luck basis but now its giving less money but to more customers. So the probability of getting money in your wallet is more.
Also, you can create contests like quizzes and polls in the amulyam. For creating contest, you have to submit questions. Your question will be approved within 48 hours by the moderators and after approval you will get Re 0.50 for each question. So if you have submitted 10 questions then you will get Rs 5.
If you have not registered for amulyam till now, then dont wait REGISTER NOW and stop worrying about you mobile bills.

Click here to register in Amulyam.
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Click here to register in way2sms.
Click here to register in Ultoo.

Enjoy hacking.
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