Thursday, May 3, 2012

How to know the running time of windows

Hi friends, Most of us are interested to know that for how much time his window is working. That means, it will tell you the time between your current system time and the time when you started your PC after shut down. In case of hibernate, when you hibernate the system, time stops running and starts again at resumption of window. Although, this trick is old but is less observed by anyone and is very useful. Its not useful in the sense that you will need it
any other software but is only for knowledge purpose so that you should know about your computer.

So, here you go:

1. Open task manager. There are different ways to open a task manager.
2. Go to performance tab.
3. Here you will find the up time for the CPU.

4. Up time shows time in format dd : hh : mm : ss.

NOTE: This trick works in windows 7 and 8 but not in XP.
Windows 8 doesn't stop all of the services while shutting down. So you may see much more time than expected. This is the reason for fast shut down in windows 8.

Enjoy hacking.
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