Thursday, May 24, 2012

hide any file in jpeg file

Hello Friends, today i will explain you how to hide any file behind the JPEG image manually that is without any software. Its a very easy trick and also very useful if you want to send information secretly to your friend. Also its different from stenography as it does hides text behind images or text behind mp3 files. Its universal, you can hide any file, virus or Trojan or anything behind image using this trick

Things that you will need for this trick:
1. Winrar installed on your system.
2. Little knowledge of command prompt.

Steps to Hide any File behind JPEG image Manually
1. Create an folder into C drive (recommendation is that use this C:\Hidden).

2. Now gather all files that you want to hide in this folder.

3. Now add these all files to compressed .rar file using winrar 
(example myhiddenfiles.rar ).
Note: This rar file should be in the same directory (i.e. C:\Hidden)

4. Now Select the JPEG file that you want to use to hide the above content 
(say myimage.jpg). Put this image file also in the same folder that is in C:\Hidden

5. Now, open Command Prompt (Go to Run and type ‘cmd‘). Make your working directory C:\hidden.
  (When you open CMD you will get like C:\Documents and settings\username (something like this)
 Now type cd.. and press enter and then again type cd.. and press enter. Now you have something like this in cmd  C:\   . Now in front of that type cd "Hidden"  and press enter. )

6. Now type: “COPY /b myimage.jpg + myhiddenfiles.rar outputimage.jpg” (without quotes) - Now, myimage.jpg is the picture you want to show, myhiddenfiles.rar is the file to be hidden, and outputimage.jpg is the file which contains both....

7. Now, after you have done this, you will see a file output.jpg in C:\hidden. Open it (double-click) and it will show the picture you wanted to show. Now try opening the same file with WinRAR, it will show the hidden archive...

This hack will help us to hide things behind the JPG file without any software. i hope you all have liked it. For more such hacks keep visiting n enjoy hacking..

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