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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tips to prevent laptop from overheating

Hello friends! Many of us suffer from the overheating problem of laptop, even me too. So. today I will tell you about few preventive measures that will keep your laptop cool.

1. Power Settings : Normally while working on laptops we keep it for
charging and set the mode as "High performance". Due to this setting it consumes more power which cause your laptop to overheat.
Remedy to this is to set you laptop in the balanced or power saver mode.what it will do is it will consume only that amount of power that is required.

2. Compressed Air : while Working on laptops in dusty conditions may lead to Dust gets deposited on the Cooling vents, Hence Choking them.This will cause the fan to get over worked and the Fan will work at high Temperatures.
In Order to Avoid This problem, Buy a can of Compressed air and Spray it on the vents of your laptop.

This will remove all the dust and will keep your laptop much cool.

3. Surface: Normally we place our laptops on pillows or blankets,which is very comfortable to us while working.But many might not know that such surfaces chokes the vents of you laptop and it cause it to overheat.
The Soft surface will not allow the heat to Escape and will be reflected back to internal machinery.
I recommend the best surface on which you should keep your laptops are the flat ones. Such as tables.
This will allow proper Flow of air and heat to Escape.

4.Cooling Pad : Cooling pad is another remedy to overheating of your laptops. Obviously it will cost you some money But Trust me its worth investing, if you face overheating Problems.

5.Power Off Your Laptops : When you are not working on you laptop then you should switch it off rather then keeping it on standby, I suggest not you use "Hibernate" Option as it will take a toll on your RAM. Power Off Your Laptops when not needed, Its as simple as that.

I believe that above steps will help you.
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