Friday, October 26, 2012

See password typed in password field: Part 2

Hi friends, In my previous posts, I have told you how to reveal password typed in the password field using javascript. That trick was not working with all the browsers because as soon as you paste the javascript code in address bar then hit enter then some browser starts searching in the search engine. Today I am going to show you another simple trick that is much simpler than the previous ones
. In this, you dont have to copy and paste anything, you need to just apply a small trick. Moreover, this trick works in all latest browsers. Inform me if its not working. This trick takes the advantage of developer tools of the browser.

Here we go:

1. Open gmail or any other site.
2. Write email id in email field and password in password field.
Now if you simply copy the password then only dots will be copied, not the actual password.
3. Right click in password field and select "Inspect element".
4. Go to coding area in bottom part of page.
5. Replace "password" with "text" in input type field.

6. Hit enter. And see that password is shown in password field where you have entered password in the form of dots or asterisks.

NOTE: This tricks works in all latest browsers.

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