Sunday, April 29, 2012

Virus that shut down your friends PC

Hi friends, In my previous post, I have told you how to make shortcut to shut down windows. This virus takes the advantage of the same trick. You can send this virus to your friends in email attachment. As soon as he double click on this shortcut, his computer or laptop will shut down. Isn't it interesting??

As its not a real virus, so antivirus will not block it while attaching. But remember, you wont be able to directly attach this file. For that, first of all put this shortcut in a folder and then compress the folder using winrRAR. Now send this compresser folder.

Here is the overall process. Follow it:

1. Right click on Desktop.
2. Go to new and select shortcut.
3. In the location box, type:

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe -s -t 05 -c "Virus activated!! Your system will crash now."

05 is the time duration in seconds after which PC will shut down. You can change it keeping in mind that time is in seconds.

Text in double quotes is the message which will be displayed after clicking the shortcut till shutdown. You can change this message so as you can fool your friend better.

4. Click on next.
5. Type any friendly name like "college secrets" without quotes.
6. Change its icon.
   i.  Right click on shortcut.
   ii. Click Properties.
   iii. On Shortcut tab, click  change Icon.
   iv. Choose a good icon and click ok.
7. Click Ok.
8. You have successfully created the virus. Now its time to send this virus.
   i. Put this virus in a new folder and compress the folder using winRAR.
   ii. Now you have Something.rar  . Attach it to mail and send to your friends. 
9. You are done.

This trick works in windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.
I have got many negative replies from my friends. Now its your turn.
Dont worry, it doesn't hurt your computer.

Enjoy hacking.
Keep on reading my blogs.
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