Sunday, January 29, 2012

Partition Hard Disk in windows without formatting it

Sometimes we want to divide our hard disk into various partitions like D: drive, E: Drive etc. Normally whole hard disk is shown as a single partition in new laptop/computer. Many people face problems and roams around the dealer which consumes a lot of time and creates a type of tension in mind. For partitioning hard disk, some format windows and some uses third party tools. Today I'll tell u a simple way to partition your hard disk in windows 7 without using any third party tool.
Follow these simple steps:

1.) Goto Start > Run > type "diskmgmt.msc" without quotes. A window will open showing your current disk configuration.

2.) Right click on drive from which you want to use space to create new disk and choose "Shrink Volume". Assure that drive contain enough free space if you reduce that drive more than free space it have, then it may lead to loss of data.

3.) A Dialog box will open which states the limit in mb upto which you can shrink the drive and amount by which you want to shrink it. for example if you want to use 10 gb from your hard drive to create new partition then you can enter 10240 in "Enter the amount of space to shrink in mb"

4.) It will take some time and after it you will see that your hard disk configuration contain 10 gb free space titled as either "free space" or "Unallocated volume". Right click on it and choose "New Simple volume".

5.) A Dialog box will appear as shown in figure below ,Press next.

6.) Then enter the total size of disk to be created , normally it is equal to size of free space created so just press next without editing anything.

7.) After that it will prompt to assign drive letter to partition choose from list.and then Press Next.

8.) Now format the drive using NTFS and press next. it is the default selection.

9.) Now press finish and exit.

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