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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Google 3D sketch

Hello designers! If you are already tired of creating 3D models using the challenging Photoshop software, why not try an easy-to-use software for a change? Here i have found an amazing software that you can use to create, design your own architecture models, modify and share 3D models in Google Earth. See Google SketchUp, it is an spontaneously intuitive, fun and freesoftware for anyone to use.

Instead of designing, this software allows you to redecorate your room. For example, you could model anything in your imaginations by invent a new piece of furniture. Some models are ready to use models. Unlimited 3D models you can create with this SketchUp software’s intuitive tools.
Plus for beginner, it even has
 video tutorials, Help Center and a worldwide user community to guide you all.

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

In case you lack of ideas to scratch own your model, you can start building your model by download the available models online for free. Unsurprisingly, there are people around the world share their piece of art works made through this software on Google 3D Warehouse.

If you are a professional designer and engineer looking for a professional designing software, then you should try Google SketchUp Pro with powerful features and applications to create flexible 2D and 3D presentation documents, generate reports, PDFs and much more.

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